Well-Being Quotient Quiz


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The Well-Being Quotient Quiz was designed to help people understand where they lie on a flourishing, or eudaimonia, scale. The project consisted of a quiz, which would lead one to a printable PDF that is split into nine sections. In addition to writing the content for each section, I worked on the introductory paragraph that clarified what eudaimonia was. Eudaimonia is such a complex and difficult concept to explain in English that in order to really achieve what I wanted to say, I had to implement real-life examples that would help me describe each part of its whole. Having a relatable introduction before the well-being quiz created something that was easily grasped by those who both understood the concept and those who had never heard the word eudaimonia before. This project was so important to me, both when creating it and finally sharing it with everyone. Helping people realize that they can have an external and internal sense of well-being means not feeling guilty for wanting spiritual pleasure, as well as hedonic pleasure. The challenge lies in making each section positive, even if someone is on the lower side of the flourishing scale.

Skills/Services: communication, interpersonal, editing, actionable