Social Media Challenge, PurposeFULL Instagram Experience


The PurposeFULL social media challenge was a 14-day experience hosted on Instagram for Spring 2016. In addition to creating an introductory paragraph to get followers interested, I was also in charge of creating a different challenge each day to help people flourish and grow in life. Each challenge included a reason to flourish, an activity, the science behind the activity, how to share it with others on Instagram, and how each challenge could be helpful to you or others in your life on your journey to self-growth. In my opinion, the shareable section was the most challenging part because I feel like much self-growth is done from within, so how do you share that on Instagram? I fixed this issue by thinking of activities that revolved around people bringing out their creative side, such as decorating a phrenology head and creating a personal morning mantra. In order to prepare and really polish my writing, I followed Ash Ambirge‘s Six Appeal Process program. Learning from her really turned my writing into something emotional and helped me appreciate constructive criticism more. As I polished up my social media challenge, the most difficult part was trying to apply new concepts to my writing without sounding gimmicky or cheesy. Her program definitely helped my flex my creative muscles and is something that will stick with me in my future as a writer.

Skills/Services: social media, leadership, communication, editing, actionable